Men at work with guttering
Continuous Aluminium Guttering



PVC and Continuous Aluminium Guttering

Weather Shield now offer both traditional PVC guttering and downpipe systems as well as Continuous Aluminum guttering.

The guttering is molded and cut using our own mobile guttering machine. The main advantage of our guttering is that it looks fantastic! A single cut of guttering can cover an entire side of any building leaving a straight, seamless finish to your home.

Attractive - O.G. shape, clean continuous lines, choice of colours.

Durable - Long life, low maintenance, independent agreement board life expectancy of 30 years, along with manufacturers product assurance.

Economic - Quick to install, no waste (reduces your overall price) as site roll formed to building dimensions, no leaks or painting. Competitively priced against other metallic and non metallic gutter systems.

Strong - Roll formed O.G. shape with hidden extruded brackets remarkably strong, will easily take laden ladder weight.

High Rainwater Carrying Capacity - Greater than most non-metallic alternatives.

Environmentally Friendly - Produced from recyclable aluminum.

B.B.A Approval - only continuous aluminum gutter system to gain BBA approval.

Having been thoroughly tested and proven in the harsh extremes of the Canadian climate the Mustang Gutter System is the undisputed solution for replacement guttering in private and public sector housing.